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My wonderful wife came to me and said i should start blogging. At first i thought what a compliment. I can share knowledge and have a great time writing stuff........Nope, it turns out that i need a place to release, shout out and simply tell the truth about farming. So here it is, Dale's Blog, a platform where I shout out and you respond, round one...ding..ding

Saturday, 18 May 2019 07:54

Orange Sweet Potato! Crossing the Line!

A few weeks back Colleen and I drop off our produce at the Walkerville Farmers Market as we do every Saturday. I wonder off and have a chat to a few locals and next thing Colleen is tapping me on the shoulder saying;"Babe, taste this orange sweet potato". No thanks I reply. "You just grumpy she says, it's nice have some". Noooooo...............

If My Body Needs Vitamin A - I will Buy Carrots

That was my reply. My research led me to believe that the local orange sweet potato was bred purely for Vitamin A deficiencies. I have been researching this for 18 months now and no other reason for a orange sweet potato exists. If we are lacking in Vitamin A why must humans take a wonderful product from nature and mess with it? In my opinion, scientists and growers ego's are getting in the way of what's really needed in food, they are crossing the line.

All Our Veggies are Vitamin A Rich

Veggies like carrots, spinach, broccoli, red pepper, butternut, whole milk, iceberg lettuce, peas, tomatoes, eggs, beetroot, broccoli, mushrooms give us all the Vitamin A we need..............I can go onto the fruits that give us Vitamin A but I'm a veggie and meat grower so let's keep it simple for now.

My kids eat plenty of the above mentioned veggies. Bolognese is great for kids, I can hide carrots, peas and tomato in the sauce which is all rich in Vitamin A. My kids love eggs and milk so no problem with them getting Vitamin A.

Blind Folded, You Would Call the Orange Sweet Potato a Butternut with a hint of Carrot.

I always tell people who boast about the orange sweet potato. If you were blind folded and fed a orange sweet potato then a white flesh sweet potato you would call the orange potato a butternut and the white flesh a sweet potato.

I have two tried and tested examples. One, my lovely wife and two, our lady packer. Let's start with my wife. I make a orange sweet potato soup simply with the potato and chicken broth, nothing else. Colleen gets home from delivering and I ask her opinion on this soup I made. Sure she says; She has a tablespoon full and says;"Yummy, that's a good Butternut Soup!!!! True story, love you madly Colleen. 1-0 in my favour.

Case 2, I give Gloria our packer some orange sweet potato to take home. I wait a further two weeks and go harvest out my field a white flesh sweet potato and give it to Gloria to take home. I wait a few more days then ask her about the orange sweet potato taste. Her reply;"It's not too much sweet, It's like the Butternut". Ok, what about the white flesh sweet potato? Her reply;"Ja, that one is too much sweet and delicious". Thank you Gloria 2-0 to me.

Case closed, I proved my point, there is no point in having a orange sweet potato......

Why the Big Fuss About The Orange Sweet Potato

I figure the fuss around the orange sweet potato is simply something new, or a recipe tells me to use this sweet potato, my online doctor tells me I have a Vitamin A deficiency or my whats app group says I should eat it. 

Caution, we are going to ruin the natural sweet potato supply if we support a useless orange sweet potato. It is not needed. Why do you think we are complaining about the horrible tomatoes we are getting these days? Well, years ago we all complain that the tomatoes are to soft, no shelf life and so on. So plant breeders went about breeding the pink hard thing called a tomato. We asked for it but now we complain about it.

Stop now while you can. Don't come crying in a few short years saying how terrible the sweet potatoes are. I outsourced some orange sweet potatoes (even recommended it in our newsletter) to sell and see how the sales do vs white flesh sweet potatoes. Well, the hype around the orange flesh lasted two weeks. The sales climbed but then dropped spectacularly. Colleen says it's a price thing. I can with certainty tell you that it's because customers tasted the romance and fell out of love with it as proven in my two above mentioned case studies.

Rather Call It a Sweetless - Butt - Ernut

You read it on Dale's Blog 18th September 2019, The Orange Sweet Potato is Ruining Natures Natural Sweet Potato. To all the Orange Sweet Potato breeders, please call this product something else, Maybe Sweetless-Butt-ernut because it has no sweetness to it but can be likened to a butternut as proven by Meeee...

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